Before School Care: 7.00 am - 8.45 am 

On arrival at the centre the parent / guardian is to sign the child in. Breakfast is available between 7am and 8am. We offer toast and a range of spreads. A flexible and positive approach towards behaviour management is undertaken to cater for the different ages, experiences and personalities of children in our centre.


Before School Care Routine


7:00AM   OSHC opens

7.00AM   Children begin to arrive

Free play: Children select from one of the interest areas: art, blocks, reading corner, table toys,

7.00AM– 8:00AM  Computers and iPads…

7.10AM– 8:00AM  Breakfast           

7.30AM   Programmed sport activities and Free play outside/hall

8:30AM   Older children are signed out

8:45AM   Foundation children are escorted to their classroom



After School Care: 3.05 pm - 6.00 pm

Grange PS OSHC operates a flexible, play based learning environment. This allows children to relax, learn new skills and build new friendships with a wide variety of peers. An afternoon tea at 3.30 pm and a late snack at 5.00 pm are served every day.

Parents/Guardians must sign their child/ren out. Our staff monitor to ensure that children are leaving the service with an authorised adult.

After School Care Routine


3:00PM    Foundation children are collected from their classrooms, Year 1 are reminded

3:05PM    Children begin to arrive, Children place bags in allocated cubicles,

3.15PM    Roll call,

3:30PM    Afternoon tea is served; children wash their hands & sit in back eating area

4:00 PM-5:00 PM:  Activity Time

-Choice of scheduled small group activities including:

   * Art space - Creative Arts Activities (arts & crafts, drama, music)

   * Hall/Outdoor - Physical Activities/Sports (tournaments, fitness, team games, dance)

-Special Interest Activities Including:

   *Homework Room - Enrichment activities (science, math, reading, writing)

   * Hobbies (collections, cooking, gardening, knitting, nature, building and transportation, chess, puzzles)

-Special Events (themes, celebrations, performances, special guests)

5:00 PM   Late snack, Hall Clean up

5:30 PM:  Hall closed, Children move to the Art space

5.30 PM   Art space small group quiet time: quiet activities such as table toys; songs, or music; stories; and coloring.

5:45PM – 6:00 PM:  Clean up and preparation for departure

6:00 PM:  OSHC Closes

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