Our Philosophy

Grange PS OSHC aims to provide high quality and recreational care for primary school aged children, in a friendly and comfortable environment, while their parents work, study or have respite. In accordance with school and community needs, the services provided include Before School Care, After School Care, Vacation Care and Pupil Free Days Care. We believe that Out of School Hours Care is a valuable and integral part of Grange Schools and the Local Community. We believe that it is a place where children can have fun, are able to play together, have the time to learn new and useful skills and are able to develop friendships and positive relationships with other children and adults. We encourage social interaction between children of different genders, religion and children with additional needs.In order to meet these beliefs we ensure that Grange PS OSHC is a safe, stimulating and caring environment. We do this by providing adult supervision, a relaxing and comfortable environment, and a range of challenging, rewarding and exciting activities that children can participate in on a day-to-day basis. Grange PS OSHC acknowledges the importance of middle childhood and the OSHC staff have a current understanding of this age and the impact it has on children’s play. We believe in the importance of play and understand the influence it has on all areas of development. We promote play at all times and encourage children to use their imagination and communication skills whilst interacting with others. Grange PS OSHC encourages communication and social interactions by promoting group activities while recognising individual needs. Staff encourage children to listen to and respect the feelings of others. We also encourage responsible behaviours from the children. At Grange PS OSHC we aim to be affordable, accessible and address the needs of families in the local community. We encourage all parents to participate in the service and we respect families’ right to have a voice in decision making. Grange PS OSHC encourages families to make suggestions about the running of the service and the program provided. Grange PS OSHC has a process of collecting and gathering information about the children that attend OSHC in order to meet their ongoing needs and interests. We always appreciate feedback and information regarding your child/ren from you as well as your children.

Our Goals

Grange PS OSHC has a number of goals on which our service is based. These goals are based on the outcomes for children as outlined in the My Time, Our Place Framework for School Age Care.


Our goals are to encourage children to:


•Have a strong sense of identity – the service aims to teach children to demonstrate a capacity for self-regulation, negotiating and sharing behaviours by motivating andencouraging children to succeed when they are faced with challenges.


•Be connected with and contribute to their world – the service demonstrates awareness of connections, similarities and differences between people and how to react in positive ways by encouraging children to listen to others and to respect diverse perspectives.


•Have a strong sense of wellbeing – the service aims to teach children to show self regulation and manage their emotions in ways that reflect the feeling and needs of others by showing care, understanding and respect for all children.


•Be confident and involved learners – the service aims to teach children to use reflective thinking to consider why things happen and what can be learnt from these experiences by encouraging children to communicate and make visible their ideas, theories, collaborate with children and model reasoning, predicting and reflecting processes and language.


•Be effective communicators – the service aims to teach children to convey and construct messages with purpose and confidence, including conflict resolution and following directions by modelling language and encouraging children to express themselves through language in a range of contexts and for a range of purposes including leading and following directions.

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